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    im looking to start adding fertilizing and weed control to my services.can anyone give me ideas on which products to use.and also for pre-emergence,im way down in southeast texas and alomst all of my accounts have st agustine grass. and also when is the best time to apply the pre-emergence? any feedback would help.
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    hey thanks for the link,its a big help
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    You should try your nearest LESCO dealer. They know what's going on.
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    Port Arthur ?
    That's near Corpus Christi , south of there ?
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    I agree with americanlawn. Only find other vendors and get competitive bids. Where I'm at, if you don't make them price match you'll get raped.
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    i will start you out. For summer crab grass control (preemergent) make sure you know the time frame in which it germinates in your area. Apply barricade according to label directions, great control. Generally that is the biggest problem for me, summer crab grass. Winter control is relatively simple. any sort of pre-m for winter weeds. I like to use a GOOD fert. 16-2-16, 15-5-15,etc,(13-3-13 is a great one if you can spend it) then a week later, 0-0-7 w/ atrazine. This of course is for the higher end properties that you NEED to be great.
    Dont forget the fungicide BEFORE brown patch rears its ugly head!
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    Olive: All great points. I through in something that he needs to offer. A soil sample done right. This will give him info to which fertilize might be better over another. Good point on the 0-0-7 plus Atrazine. I put this down in December and my Lesco 15-0-15 down a week or so before Thanksgiving. Soil samples are taken during Nov 1 or about 2 weeks before winter fertilizer. Around 15 Feb. I generally put down Dimension 0-0-7 (never used Barricade but am sure it's great) Then about two weeks after greenup Dimension 19-3-6 and maybe if soil test agree extra K.
    Hope this might be of use.
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    not quite, its near beaumont, on the louisiana border:)

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