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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawn king, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. lawn king

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    In the 1970's we used balan,betasan and tuppersan. In the 1980's we used team. In the 1990's we used pre-m & now we use dimension. We find the dimension to perform far superior to anything we have used in the past. Of all the past products we used team was the best, pre-m doe's not live up to it's claims at all IMHO!
  2. lilmarvin4064

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    and the staining.....yuck, even if both pre-m and dimension worked evenly I would pay more for the dimension just because it doesn't stain everything yellow. Pre-m is more likely to become diluted and made less effective from heavy rains than dimension.

    Around here I think what works best is dimension with a light app in early spring (March), then a heavy app late spring (May).
  3. ThreeWide

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    You folks who use dimension exclusively might consider looking at barricade (prodiamine)

    In my area, barricade is less costly than dimension but that could vary.

    It also is rather forgiving in scenarios when you apply granular without irrigation as the label states a window of 21 days.
  4. grassguy_

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    I have used all the pre-emergent products as well and though i like not having the yellow staining issues with Dimension like Pre-em, team and barricade, the differnece in results btween the Dimension and Team or Team Pro have been neglible. When we continue to get extremes of one summer hot, next summer soaking wet, it seems neither product if going to give any better control. I believe to that even under idea conditions, homeowners will breach the mowing hieght enough times that neither product can give the protection its capable of. SO, the question is, Can you can tolerate the yellowing through the early part of spring to save $4-6 a bag difference or do you prefer not having to buy a few more pairs of pants!! :eek: :) :)
  5. GreenUtah

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    the sun will break down that pendimethilin on your pants if you leave them out in it for a few days before you wash, just so you
  6. grassguy_

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    yeah, lolol, i've noticed that too!! sometimes those pants after a while can just stand up on their own! :eek: check your PM i sent ya!
  7. DiscoveryLawn

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    I used Dimension in 04 and Barricade in 05. Had several crabgrass break throughs with Dimension. I had absolutely no calls about crabgrass in 05 with Barricade. I spot sprayed the little crabgrass I saw when doing summer apps. Only used 1lb of Drive this year compared to 5lbs in 04. The savings in Drive alone almost offset the additional cost of the Barricade. Not to mention the labor saved and the improved customer satisfaction.

    With that said... In Dimensions defense, May of 04 was very wet here. May of 05 was unusually dry. As a matter of fact all of 05 was dry.

    I am going to use both products this year. Lawns with no to little crabgrass history are getting Dimension. Lawns that are more susceptible are getting Barricade. All apps after April 15th get Dimension.
  8. walker-talker

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    I have had so-so results with Dimension, nothing to write home about. I don't have any expierence using Barricade, but last spring I got a call for some overseeding. Nothing large, about 6,000 square feet. A lot of weeds and a lot of bare spots. I asked if he was on a weed/feed program and he said yes, Scotts. I told him that before I overseeded that I wanted a copy of the last SOS. About 7 weeks prior to the overseeding, Scott's had put down Barricade. I did some research and Barricade has about 12 week residual. I informed the client of this and recommended not to overseed. He stated he was going to sale the house in a couple months and he would take a chance....knowing I offered absolutely no guarentee. I went by 3 or 4 weeks after the overseeding and there had not been one seed to germinate. I will be looking to add Barricade to my program. The pro would be that the client would have one less application, unless Barricade can be put down with a split application (not sure on that one). If it can't I will probably add a Merit application.
  9. TurfProSTL

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    I like Barricade for the early Spring applications. Dimension for late starts.....

    I've used Dimension as late as the end of May with good results.
  10. lawn king

    lawn king LawnSite Silver Member
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    I guess we are the exception on 2 apps of pre-emergent. We do one app only and really don't experience any severe problems, a call back here & there but nothing major.

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