pre-emergent out of a ride on?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by inzane, Apr 23, 2013.

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    To cumbersome this from someone who has not spent any real production time on a Z-Spray. If you are looking for a rackable unit the LT Rich 36R would be idea, direct drive no belts to replace and very user friendly. Electric or pull start give Andy a call he would be happy to inform you on the great LT Rich line up of spreader sprayers.:)
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    We purchased and love 2 ground logic units...they are very well built, dependable, rackable, and easy to use. Liked the zspray but at the time they did not have a rackable unit.....waiting until the gie show to test one out but honestly we love the ease of the ground logics im not sure we will change.
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    Mowers and I would agree with you.

    Spraying not so much. I have seen a Max and it is not nimble enough for me on a 5-6k sq ft lawn, it quite honestly would frighten me to use on lawns that small - man spray the flower beds and the whole shebang before you know what is happening.
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    You can close the booms and turn off certain spray nozzles if you did not know. At that point it is spraying narrow if that is your issue.

    The PG nozzle and T nozzle bother me because you can barely see the spray pattern when moving at speed. Z spray the boom you can gauge. Also the foam marker kit is a good thing to have for open area's.
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    What is nice about flinging your pre is the cost is in one bag less time mixing your fert with your pre-m and you can fling it faster that you can spray! Just my 2 cents
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