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    Fellow members I have a small business in the triad of nc. Around 30 yards or so. I plan to try barricade this year as my pre-m in the hope of achieving better success. I work by myself and can't really afford to keep experimenting with lesco or lowes or home depot or farmer supply stores. Barricade seems to be the choice of the pros for spring on lawnsite. My questions are where can I purchase it? Should I use a liquid or granular? I do have my state license in nc and have been full time now for about 5 years. Thank you for any help you can offer!
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    I Tried it last year for the first and was happy. I went for Gran. As far as where, Check your wholesale supplier don't go to the boxes.
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    There is nothing wrong with Dimension--which is what you will find in most stores these days (except for Scotts--they use pendimethalin). the label carefully, calibrate carefully. be sure to use enough--use the deep south rate. Follow up with a second application, if you want to be sure--and you do. If you have crabgrass problems--use the maximum allowed. Be especially attentative to the known crabgrass-prone areas--sunny, thin, hot. You may not need much crabgrass control in the shade. Do not power edge. Never cut the grass short. Keep it as thick as you can.

    Same ideas apply to Barricade.
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    Go to the Anderson's site: They have several Barricade's + fertilizer. You can find a supplier from their website also. Barricade has the lowest of the root pruning properties, followed by Dimension (Great Stuff). Pendi is the last on the list.
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    I have used pendi in the past, and at that, don't have a ton of experience either way. Now, here is a stupid question:

    I'll be using dimension with a broadcast spreader. These customers insist on edging. Every property has a sidewalk, with a 3' strip of turf between the sidewalk and the curb. What if I lay the granules down, and then sweep what landed on the sidewalks into to edged turf that borders it?

    Yeah, I know this isn't label consistant practice, but would it help control these areas a bit better? I will use the dimension at the low rate, and hope that sweeping the granules on the walk will help improve control in those problem spots. Make sense? Stupid idea?
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    Anything that disturbs the soil--like edging--destroys the crabgrass barrier in the area. Your plan sounds good to me. Be aware that excess fertilizer along the edge will potentially cause a fertilizer burn. You could try a 3 lb hand crank spreader to do these areas. If they are crabgrass prone--use the high rate.
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    Thanks Riggs.... yeah, I'm fully aware of the fact that edging is an engraved invitation to crabgrass. But, they want what they want, and it is what is it is no matter how much I talk about it. The walks, or sidewalks are about 3 feet wide. So, I'd be sweeping the granules from a broadcast spreader at the low rate from the center of the sidewalk out to the edges, but after I had them edged at the depth they will be for the growing season.

    That way, I shouldn't be disturbing the barrier much, just cutting grass. I'm figuring with sweeping the walk, only the edges will be close to a high rate. I have a drop spreader for those 3 foot strips, and a monkey grinder as well. Sort of a cludged approach, but it may offer more control on the edges. I' will sweep sort of fast, so that some of the granules will go over the edge, in a very unpredictable spread. I think I can avoid burn like this, particularly if I use the low rate.

    The Anderson Barricade is 5% less N than the Lesco. Even at 20-3-10, I think the N is too high for a first app in late April, and will cause more top growth than I want but still better than the 25-?-? Lesco formula.

    I saw your post on Mesa. Problem is, being as small as I am. I'm stuck with a limited number of options. The only Mesa product my guy has is a Lebanon 25-2-5, but I don't have data on the N release yet. I will talk to him about that. Maybe he has more product that isn't on the price list. Thanks for the soild advice!

    Badger and I will tip one in yer direction! :drinkup:

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