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  1. figaroo

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    Can some of you tell me if it's to early to put down pre-emergent, I live in Spartanburg SC the weather has been crazy. Some days 67 some days 50 it hasnt been a constent temp in a while. And can I put this down with out a lic. Thanks in advance
  2. fireman gus

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    I don't think it is too early to start putting down pre-emergent. As for the license you need to check with you state department of agriculture. My guess is that it is a requirement.
  3. MySide

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    Depending on which University or whomever is writing the report: crabgrass germinates when soil temps are 55 degrees for 2-3 days. So cold nights can cancel your warm days to an extent. A soil probe thermometer can be of use. I've also heard many times over the years that when forsythia blooms, it's time to put out preemergents.
    It's never necessarily too early, but if you feel you need to start earlier, you might consider split apps so you don't run out of control on the other end. For example, dimension single app is .38#ai/ac. split app is .25#ai/ac 4-6 weeks apart.
  4. Magic Neal

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    Here in Austin the weed problem has been very bad, and it was a warm winter so I have been putting down pre-m's for over a month to stay ahead of the curve. What you don't want is the soil temp getting up to 60-70, thats when you are too late. I have also been putting down dimension in split applications just in case I need more later. It's better to be a little early instead of too late.
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    Personally, with they type of spring we are having, I would go with barricade and do a split spring app as directed on the label to stay ahead of the curve.


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