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    I own a local lawn care company that does mowing and i do not fertilize. I have another local company do fertilizing for my own lawn. They always put down a pre-emergent for crabgrass like dimension but it seems to never work, i have an irrigation system and always water the product in. When summer comes the crabgrass seems to just come up. Do you guys have this problem because i'm starting to wonder if it is a waste of money to even put a pre-emergent down. I live in Illinios and we have mostly bluegrass/fescue. Any input would be appreciated. Would maybye a liquid pre-emergent be better? I am just trying to improve my lawn.
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    :usflag: how applications of pre-emergant were applied? we ususally apply 2 rounds of the .15 dimension, but in very thin areas no matter how much goes down there is always breakthrough, your best defense to weeds and crabgrass is a super thick lawn, and also keep it stress free, weeds and crabgrass usally rear there ugly heads when the turf starts to stress. tony
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    thanks for the reply. He only applied one application of dimension this spring. That may be the problem because my lawn is pretty thick.
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    If your lawn is thick, that SHOULDN'T be the problem.

    I only ran one app of Dimension this year, MOST of my properties are fine. I can definately tell which ones are NOT on a program of any sort.

    Does this other company do your other properties for you as well?? Or as far as you know, just does your property. I.E., you're not subcontracting them to do the other properties too??

    If not, why don't you just apply your own fertilizers?? You don't need a license to do it to your own property.

    It could be many factors as to why you have crabgrass.

    I've got a brand new bank that the sod was just installed in early June, it's LOADED with crabgrass already.

    They don't want to pay for Drive, so I'll have to wait until next spring to put down the Dimension again.

    Anyways, could it be that your ground temp was too warm when the company applies it?? Maybe they're running below the proper amounts, skimping on the control??

    Again, if it's for your own property, I'd do it myself, it's really not that complicated.
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    timing also plays a factor. he probably putit down too early
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    let's not forget soil disruption, cutting too short for the rates that were applied, and drought stress or excessive rain shortening the lifespan of the preemergent. Cultural practices are just as important as chemical controls with weed suppression. As stated above, doubting a thick lawn has weed issues.

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