Pre-Employment Aptitude Tests or Similar

Discussion in 'Employment' started by NEW CITY LAWN CARE LLC, Nov 3, 2012.


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    Looking to hire, and wondering if there's a website or something that provides a pre-employment testing for Landscape Maintenance to maybe try and weed out some of the applications and their knowledge, etc. I know this work isn't rocket science, but still I hope you all catch my drift....Anyone know of anything or can refer me in the right direction would be much appreciated, Thank You...
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    I've been thinking about this as well. I will be hiring two or three new guys next year. I'm replacing my whole crew except for one. I have had guys come work for us that said they have mowed yards plenty of times, and then first day they can't figure out how to get a trimmer started (which always worries me about whether these guys even realize why there's two gas cans in the truck).

    Here's what I have surmised. During the interview process I'm not only going to ask about their previous experience but also to show me. Go out to the shop and tell them to get a trimmer off the rack, fill it with gas, and start it. I figure you can learn alot about a guys experience by watching him fiddle fart around to start a cold two stroke motor.

    Still haven't figured out how to get them to show me they can mow in a straight line without going to a property. Unfortunately my shop is surrounded by concrete. :\

    Last thing I'll add is I plan on trying to hire college kids next year. One of my questions will probably be how their GPA is looking.

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    Yea I agree with this, I've even had a guy with a newly filled up can for 2 cycle mix go to put oil in it and ask if he puts the whole quart in, lol, I'm amazed at what some people will claim to know or be experienced in but completely show the exact opposite.... That's why I was wondering if there was something out there that could give a guy 30 questions or something about "basic" things we deal with and test their knowledge... hard to cover everything in an interview, I might start doing a 10 day trial and make it clear that I have the right to cancel their employment or keep them on, like a probationary period...
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    We made up our own. We go over the handbook with them and then they are given the test. Written and an actual field test which we do around the shop to see how familiar they are with certain pieces of equipment and certain tasks that they will be required to complete. This way we know going in to some level what we are getting and what to expect. One thing I can say about hiring employees is interview a lot of them and give yourself some options. Chances of the first guy being the perfect fit is slim. Also make it clear your expectation and like mentioned above the employment should definitely have a "trial period" for lack of a better term
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    No gurantee that people are honest. 9/10 times they will lie to get the job or stretch the truth.

    If you do hire them. You can always have them go through the online basic training.

    Costs money, but insures that they at least know the difference between 2 stroke and unleaded.

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