Pre-M and too much Rain ?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jrblawncare, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. jrblawncare

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    On Monday I sprayed 5 lawns (pre-m) with Pendulum 3.3 EC.....Monday night it started to rain and rain and rain......when it ends sometime latter day 3 plus inches total . I know we like to see some rain after a pre-m treatment but not this much !! Is it gone ?
  2. Turfdude

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    If you're concerned about losing the crabgrass control, then you could opt to put down fert w/ dimension in June. Dimension is pre-M and post (up to second tiller). This will extend the crabgrass preventative time for you - you may just have to push fall seeding back to later September/October.

  3. tremor

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    I think Kentucky is a 2 application market to begin with. But the pedimethalin you applied is still there for you. It would take more than 3" of rain to wipe it out. However it's effectiveness will be diminishing by the 8-10th week from now, so that's when you'd want a repeat anyway. How many Lbs/AI are you using?
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    Bob, Dimension offers a 5 month window of effectiveness correct? This would put him late Novemeber/December seeding. If you are concerned about the coverage, do a split app 6 weeks after the first application with a low N Dimension product.
  5. jrblawncare

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    Well , the rain has ended....4+ inches total !! I spoke with a rep. from UAP .... He said for the most part its gone and I should repeat. Some split app here and some do not , I guess it depends on when you start . Things were realy starting to warm up so I chose to go with one application at the max. lable rate of 2.6 oz per 1,000 . These 5 lawns were my first apps of the season , tolal of 54 k so it won't be to bad. Things are so wet here it my be 5 to 7 days before I can start again , some yards look like rice fields. Thanks John
  6. Randy Robinson

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    Educate me here if you don't mind. I have always heard that if you apply a split application preemergent of one chemistry such as a dinitroanaline (such as Pendimethaline) you need to use the same chemistry for the next application. Can you use a different chemistry for the second treatment and still get control?
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    :confused: YEA... that second app with different MOA might be even better.......:confused:
  8. jrblawncare

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    Welcome Randy....Not sure what you mean but I will guess at it . With Pendulum If you use the lower rate on your initial app. say 1.3 oz per 1000 sq may repeat 6 to 8 weeks later with the same 1.3 oz per 1000....this may be used for extended control...Or you may put down the whole 2.6 oz per 1000 all at once.
  9. Russo

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    Consider this-THAT PENDIMETHALIN CRAP WILL BOND TO WHATEVER IT TOUCHES FOR A VERY LONG TIME! - Hell, it will stay in your clothes or on your truck for what seems like forever! I got socks from '96 that are still yellow.( guess I should toss 'em out )

    You did get a %$!# load of rain, even more than we got in Nashville, but perhaps the " yellow phenomenon theory " , in combonation with financial and other factors, will help you in deciding what to do.

    Good Luck, Landscraper

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