Pre-M vs Dimension vs TruGreen

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  1. I was told they thought the market for ronstar on residential was too small to get it register!
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    I was told at the Georgia Turfgrass Conference that Griffin's was trying to get it registered for res. along with a few of their new labels (revolver.) The talk was given by Tim Murphy?? any relation ! )

  3. NC Big Daddy

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    Tremor great to see you back. And as always "Great Information".
  4. I'm not related
  5. Lil' Cabrito

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    DFW, I was at lesco today discussing a fertlizer program for my area and they told me that the pre-m dimension really worked best on st. augustine and should just use the 0-0-7 pre-m on my bermuda, zoysia lawns. Here is my fert. program:
    pre-m 25-2-5 late feb./march
    spring fert. 24-5-11 late april/may
    summer fert. 24-5-11 in july
    pre-m 5-10-20 late sept/oct
    pre-m 0-0-7 late dec./early jan.
    Best of luck, Lil'Cabrito

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