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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by cjmoore82, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. cjmoore82

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    I have recently been approached by an individual selling pre-paid legal for businesses. It runs $70 a month and covers a lot of legal needs. After looking on-line for customer reviews, I am now more indecisive about whether I should sign up for it or not. Anyone in the landscape world have words of advice?
  2. Will P.C.

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    Well I can tell you that it is very big in the trucking business. Truck drivers are not allowed to be caught speeding or other traffic violations, codes, rules, etc. yet they get traffic tickets all the time. So it works out well for trucking businesses.

    If you could post what the legal plan he is selling covers, I could tell you more.

    I know you are limited as to what lawyers accept pre paid legal. It usually is your lower tier lawyers that take these cases.

    I really do not see it for the landscape business. I am curious as to what it will cover so please post this info
  3. cjmoore82

    cjmoore82 LawnSite Member
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    It sounds good and I believe we could mostly benefit from the "collections" letters. The plan gives you:

    1 - Unlimited legal consultation when it comes to aspects of business like employee hiring, equipment leases, verbal contracts, termination of employees.. etc.

    2 - Legal correspondence which gives you one letter per legal subject matter each year. Follow up letters at 25% discount.

    3 - Debt collection which gives us 10 separate initial collection letters per month. ( I wonder what the second collection letter will cost )

    4 - Contract Review - They will review 3 contracts up to 15 pages each per month.

    5 - Executed contract review - One signed contract can be reviewed per month up to 10 pages.

    6 - Document Review - They will review 3 business documents up to 15 pages each per month and give advice.

    7 - Trial defense - 75 hours of law firm time if you are the defendent in a suit related to business.

    8 - 25 % off all litigation not covered.

    Everything sounds great!! But... doesn't seem right. $70 a month for all that.... I would use it everyday. I was searching online trying to find customer reviews and people either love it or hate it.

    I am just trying to see what some more people think....

    p.s. the $70 also includes unlimited business consultation and information on the website
  4. Will P.C.

    Will P.C. LawnSite Senior Member
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    Not a bad list of things being offered. If your company is 'active' and 'large' enough, I would probably go ahead and say yes.

    HOWEVER, only if their is a reputable attorney that is reasonably close that will accept this service. This is probably something they did not tell you. If a decent attorney will accept it and is within 10-15 miles of you, than not a problem.

    They also do not tell you what kind of wait will be needed to use these services.

    What does the small print say
  5. cjmoore82

    cjmoore82 LawnSite Member
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    The small print doesn't say anything really bad. Simply states it doesn't work for divorce, bankruptcy, and other big litigation items. I think I am going to sign up for it today. If there was a contract for a 12 month period then this decision would be harder. But its month to month with the enrollment fee waived. I have stuff to take care of right away, so if I don't get good service then... I cancel.

    I was researching the internet for reviews and a lot of people like the piece of mind that it came with. But then you read the negative stuff and your mind get confused. Oh well... I'm going for it. What do I lose? $70...
  6. JD2320

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    Sounds fishy to me. My attorney won't even answer the phone and say hello for 70 dollars.

    I bet it's some paralegal trying to make some money. I bet you have to sign up for like a years services too, right?

    If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

    Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you needed a lawyer.
  7. jose85

    jose85 LawnSite Member
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    well i know there offices are here in okc and they are freaking BIG in ada oklahoma , western lawns did there place big place and hundreds of lawyers
  8. DanaMac

    DanaMac LawnSite Fanatic
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    I've never had a need for legal in 15+ years of business. I've had a small handful of people stiff me, not a big deal.
  9. Will P.C.

    Will P.C. LawnSite Senior Member
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    Since you can opt out of it at anytime, 70 dollars is a small price to pay. More than likely it will be a paralegal doing most of the 'non litigation' work, but that is how it works if you were to hire a lawyer too.

    What I do not understand is how someone can operate a business and not ever need a lawyer???
  10. JB1

    JB1 LawnSite Fanatic
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    What I do not understand is how someone can operate a business and not ever need a lawyer???[/QUOTE]

    amazing what you can do with the right campaign donations.

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