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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by spencer087, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. spencer087

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    This is yesterday. I got 9 scoops of dirt. 6 in the truck 3 on the trailer. Lol im getting either a dodge 3500 or 4500 dump truck in the fall. Havent decided yet. The engine had no problem at all pulling this. Its the suspension that was cussing at me lol. I put the tractor as far back as possible on the trailer to help level it a bit. It didnt do much though.





  2. spencer087

    spencer087 LawnSite Member
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    This is the beggining of me building my first berm. Its in my own backyard. It replaced a gigantic ugly japanese beetle and bag worm attracting evergreen bush. I strapped it to my tractor to carry it off and it was so big when i lifted it all the way in the air it still touched the ground. you can see the dirt spot in front of the berm is about 1/4 of the are where the bush was. The rest is coverd by and behind the berm


  3. nnj18

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    thats stupidity right there man! and get the 4500 its heavier duty......
  4. spencer087

    spencer087 LawnSite Member
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    Just some quick pictures of my new tractor and my truck




  5. spencer087

    spencer087 LawnSite Member
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    lol ya i drug the trailer jack 4 times not hard though so no bends. And thats what im leaning towards it gets 20.2 mpg on a 52 gallon tank thats 1600 miles on a tank of diesel! And it just looks way cooler too lol
  6. spencer087

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    The back of my house was trashed when i bought it. Front was also. They parked a car in the yard in the front. That was fun. Try growing grass in soil that is as hard as concrete and soaked with oil and transmission fluid. Not Easy. Anyways i did alot of green work in the back and painted the deck. In the one picture there is a hot tub, Small standing propane tank, And the a/c. All disguised from the people looking at it. I live right on the first hole of the golf course. Golf balls in the yard all the time of course and my neighbors wear hard hats when they work outside lol its pretty comical. (until i get hit then im sure ill be wearing one lol) The last picture is the view from my back deck. Ive lived here a little over a year and love it so far.



  7. spencer087

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    and yes. that is a big acorn.
  8. mowerdude777

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    looks good
  9. spencer087

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    Thankyou :) im going to continue around the right side of the house (when looking from back) next year. Lol the best part is once a month they have glow in the dark golf. They give them glow in the dark balls and clubs to play with and strap glow stuff on their golf carts. At the end of every hole if you par'd it you get a free drink. Nothing like a bunch of old men playing for free drinks! (alcoholic) LOL and at tournaments its hilarious to watch hundreds of golf carts scatter like ants
  10. pitrack

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    Nice name, man that hitch does not look like it's safe, do you have brakes on that trailer?
    I like that tractor and if you end up going with a 4500 post pics!

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