Preemergent then postemergent treatment


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Lexington, KY
Hey guys,<br>I have a few lawns that need some pre and post emergent control. Here is my situation. I will not be acquiring any more equipment for this year so this is what I have to work with. A 100lb spreader for granular products and a 4 gallon solo backpack sprayer. I have been to Lesco and I am looking at PreM, I was told it is too late to apply if you are making dual applications, Dimension--our head turf guy at the university said this works better as a granular. These two are my pre emergent options. And my post emergent option is Momentum. The thing is here that Momentum granular is packed with a fertilizer which I don't want to apply. So I am thinking I will just suck it up and backpack spray it. I don't have that many yards and they are all small. So can I granular apply Dimension for control of summer weeds and Spray Momentum to target the current weeds? Do you think this will work. I have already read and participated in the old posts but I will not by any more equip for this year. Next year when I attack the market stronger I will Probably acquire better equip. Any other Post emergent controls you'd recommend? Mainly need to kill henbit, dandelions, and a few weed grasses and clover. I know some of these are winter annuals and will die soon. I just want to clean the yard up as quick as possible. Oh and I have my pesticide license.<p>Thank you<p>----------<br>Integrated Landscape Solutions<br>Lexington, KY

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