Preen, Anything Cheaper?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by shawn'slawns, Jul 20, 2002.

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    $20.00 for a bag of Preen?
    What, are you getting ripped-off because you're buying homeowner-friendly 10 pound bags from some stupid box store like HD or Lowes?

    Another example: "Ortho Total Vegetation Killer"...:hammerhead:

    Dude! You're up in the middle of Amish country, right?
    (the answer is "yes", because I know precicely where New Philadelphia is! :))
    Well, SOMEWHERE up there, there's got to be a Deere/Lesco, or an Ag co-op facility like Southern States?

    Do you use any of these these guys locally?

    As far as your question is concerned...I think you'll find you'll get a better "bang for your buck" when you begin buying wholesale.:waving:
    Deere/Lesco carries a nice landscaper-friendly granular formulation of Pre-M (pendimethilin) that generally runs something like around $20-$25 maybe $30, for a 50 pound bag!

    But like Greenie said, though, IF you're doing it 'for hire', you or no one else has any business applying any of this stuff unless he/she has a pesticide license!
    It'll makes absolutely no difference to the given OH pesticide agent whether your pesticides were later found to be purchased at a wholesale co-op like Southern States, or Home Depot.
    You'll be treated the same, regardless!:cry::nono:
    So take advantage of this 'down' time....while it's still here!
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