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  1. medimac

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    If beds have already been mulched will preen still work if put down over the mulch
  2. chriscraft

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    yes but it stil needs to be dissolved and get into the soil. We preen early spring and late spring over much and it cuts down on weeding 95% or more. I question wether or not those 20 doolar boxes *lb i think really treats 2500 sq feet tho, bought 8 of them today
  3. CuttinUP

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    Going to do a small 2 yds mulch job this week and was going to use some of this. does it need to be worked into the old mulch or just put it on top before putting down the new mulch?
  4. Runner

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    We spread it right over the top of the new mulch and have great success. Of course then again, we don't use Preen, though. Same principle. Also, do NOT work it into the mulch. It is important that you have an even spread.
  5. SOMM

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    good posts

    we use Dow's Snapshot, because it's been giving us season-long control of up to 96% weed-free in brown, black, or pebbled mulch beds.

    Preen we always had to do a second annual application.

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