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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by affprop, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. affprop

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    I am getting ready for next spring summer 2003, and I think me scratching out a design on apiece of paper has got to go. I am reading alot of people like pro landscape, what about earthscape? Does anyone else have any Ideas or comments about either one? Or is there a better one out there? Any help would be appreciated. I think that if I buy the program now and play with it all winter I should now what Im doing as far as the software is concerned, I now that I dont know anything else. Thanks
  2. darronb

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    EaglePoint is by far the best design software on the market today.
  3. AztlanLC

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    Depending on your budget I think eaglepoint is a nice software but the price is just high for my needs, I use IDG Imagin Design Software got it for aroud $600.00 on a trade show, does a decent job I haven't had the need for anythig else at this moment.

    I would highly recommend it for people that needs a basic design program if you are a landscape designer this a program to look for if you are a landcape architect then you need something like eaglepoint.
  4. therainman

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    Do you mean DIG Design Imaging Group????

    This is what I use also. Not a bad program at all for the $600 price tag. I would agree everything I did research on Eagle Point looked to be great but, VERY pricey..

  5. AGLA

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    Are we talking about drawing plans or image editing?

    Eaglepoint CAD's engine is Intellicad which is an Autocad clone. I find it to be pretty unstable when you start getting deeper into the program (changing UCS, nested blocks, ... stuff like that).

    For straight plan drawing that can go back and forth with engineers and architects Autocad lite is probably the smartest way to go if you already have CAD skills. Most of the automated add ons in the Landscape Design module of Eaglepoint I do not find to be beneficial to me. The plant key shows all symbols the same size rather than the size in the drawing and will count ones accidentally stacked or ones that are moved out of sight. Input is slow with plant symbols as well because you have to select so many attributes. I find it easiest to install symbols as simple short named blocks, scale them once, and then simply copy. Area take offs are in most cad programs. If I had to do it over again, I would get ACAD Lite and not the several Eaglepoint modules that I did. ...just my opinion.

    If you do not have CAD training I would look at Gardengrafics' Dynascape as well as Design Imaging Group. See if they will send you a working demo - Eaglepoint will.

    I am not a big user of photo imaging, others can answer that better than I can.

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