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Preferred Mowing Setup


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Lansing, MI
What is the preferred setup for mowing lawns? I am not talking about specific brands of mowers, but how many mowers, what size crew, what size truck, etc. I mow residential lawns (all sizes) as well as a medium sized commercial job. I will be doing some snow plowing next winter.


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The preferred setup is one where you have the most efficient use of all workers and equipment.

If you take a 52" mower to a property with a 40" gate - you are not efficient
If you have 4 workers on a small residential property and 2 guys don't have enough to do - you are not efficient
If you use a 21" mower on a 3 acre property - you are not efficient

I think that you get my point.

Don't service "all sizes" of properties. Pick the size/type that you want and purchace the equipment that will be appropriate for those properties whether it be a 21" pushmower or a 10' wide area mower.

Lawn Masters

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Hudson Florida
PTP has a good point. I do residentials mostly, and they're generally small lawns, so I stick with a 21" mower for now. no way I'm gonna fit a 60" ztr through a 36" gate. when I've got the extra cash, I'm putting a 32" wb into my lineup for more efficiency. I find that one man on small residentials gets plenty done, but 2 is a touch faster.