Preferred snow thrower/blower poll

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  1. thelawnguy

    thelawnguy LawnSite Silver Member
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    Seems the Toro CCR-whatevers are by far the most popular in central CT, since I got mine my Simplicity 8hp has sat unused(three years now).<p>Whats the favorite in your co./area?<p>Bill
  2. GeoffDiamond

    GeoffDiamond LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Maine
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    We have a couple of toro two stage blowers, a few single stage, and a two stage on a john deer rider. They all work well.<p>Geoff
  3. snow

    snow Guest
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    In my area, most people have ariens two stage models. On the storm, mine broke down and the shaft broke. I also have a small single stage snapper which is great for small snowfalls. My neighbor has a honda 621.<p>Bryan<br> <p>----------<br>The Snowplow Homepage<br><br>
  4. GeoffDiamond

    GeoffDiamond LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Maine
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    Bryan when are you going to tell us what plow you think is the best and why? Homework is due saturday.<p>Geoff
  5. VnDrWLawnCare

    VnDrWLawnCare LawnSite Member
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    I just bought a new Honda 621A. So far here in IL we got a couple on inches and it worked excellent. It weighs a little more than the others but it shows with the way it is built. When using the snowblowers are you supposed to lift up on the back so the auger makes contact with the ground, or are you supposed to just wheel it using the wheels.?? Thanks
  6. plowking35

    plowking35 LawnSite Bronze Member
    from S.E. CT
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    HONDA 621<br>We have two of them and you get the power of a 2 stage with the weight of a single stage. One pull and it starts everytime.<br>On the back of the honda they actually have a foot rest to help with down pressure on the auger.<br>We pull up on the handles and that also helps propel the machine forward.<br>Dino <br><p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment
  7. Diceman

    Diceman LawnSite Member
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  8. Diceman

    Diceman LawnSite Member
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    The Honda 621 ROCKS hard!!! If you could figure out a way to hook it up to a hose you could pump your basement out, it's that good. We also have a two stage MTD from Agway...for when we get that 2 feet of snow...yeah, like that's ever going to happen. We can't say enought good about the HONDA. Starts up with on with the first pull, thows snow/water miles. Great machine!<p><p>----------<br>Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>
  9. Matt

    Matt LawnSite Member
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    In western NY the single stage throwers that I have seen just don't have enough power to handle the 7-20&quot; snowfalls that we are accustomed to. We run 2 JD 2 stage blowers they do we a little more but they get rid of the snow in a hurry. Haven't had any problems with either one(knock on wood) Matt
  10. Lazer

    Lazer LawnSite Bronze Member
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    My buddy's got a pick-up mounted snowblower. 8' wide, 375hp. It'll drive thru a 3' tall windrow at 7-8mph blowing the snow 60ft. It really works well, but I don't think it would be of much use on sidewalks.<p>It would, however, handle those 7&quot;-20&quot; snowfalls.

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