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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mrkosar, Aug 17, 2006.

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    this a weird time of the season for this question, but i figured many of you veterans would have experience with a problem i experienced this spring. i had a customer quit on me after one application because i put down a premergent and he couldn't reseed some spots in his lawn like he planned. how do you guys avoid this? when you send you renewal notice in january or february do you write that you will be applying a crabgrass preventer and they won't be able to reseed? Do you just apply and then tell them, and if they get pissed they get pissed? Etc...?
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    If you are going to the expense of doing a preemergent round, you should make your customer well aware of that. It's part of a premium program and an added value for them. That should be part of your sales pitch in the first place, in my opinion. If they know it's going down and why and that they're paying extra to get it, no one is going to be lamenting 5 bucks worth of seed that didn't make it through the barrier. I actually see it as a plus that it didn't come through, showing the effectiveness of the application. Some well guided advice toward overseeding in the fall when weed pressure is lower, leads to greater results could follow that conversation. You get paid for your knowledge when doing apps, not product..pass it along every chance you get and you'll find loyal, dedicated customers will follow.

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    it just part of life

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