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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by PremierSwrx, Nov 1, 2013.

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    Well i guess i need to be more sensitive so in my opinion something is real fishy about you and your company. The story doesn't add up and im sure it will work itself out.

    I would enjoy seeing pictures of the 3 336E's you own along with the 350 and the 750 DEERES and the trucking fleet. I would love to see pictures of a state infrastructure job your company has completed.
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    Do you guys own a lowboy and semi to move the equipment or do you hire that out?

    The price tag on a 336E is ridiculous with all the emissions technology on them. Arnt they about 300,000 new each? You guys have a million dollars just into 3 machines, thats hard for me to fathom.
    I remember when a hundred grand got you a nice excavator, not anymore.
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    There are a lot of haters on Lawnsite still I see.

    Premier- Do u have a website? I'd love to see some of your jobs and learn more about your company! You seem to have one the more established companies on the site!

    BTW if you went to High School in NJ, how did you end up in Texas?
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    Definitely a very impressive company to say the least! I think we are all trying to get into the bigger projects like him but few of us realize the risk involved and the experience need to accomplish these daunting tasks.

    Take a look at those projects on the site.
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    why are people so critical of premier. maybe some of you should learn from this thread and what he is doing than trying to bash him. until you are at his level with his amount of equipment and size of projects you have zero right to say what he doing is wrong. maybe what all you are doing is wrong because your not at his level. if you don't do these size projects you have zero creditability critiquing them
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    I do, because they're not necessarily stock photos. A member here mentioned a pic of his on the site and I couldn't find it there now.

    I had to get my lawyer to send letters to a local competitor and a guy across the country. Both were using my job photos on their sites.
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    Its false advertisement. If someone used my Photos id be pissed because i pride myself on my work. Why should other people use photos that arnt the Work you've done
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