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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by PremierSwrx, Nov 1, 2013.

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    AEL, to answer your question, the business has been family owed since 1983, we have a ranch in North Texas that took away from the business for many years, things started picking back up in 2000 when the company was turned over to me as the new owner, I worked for several large highway builders in Texas before I fully took over again. We specialize in Highway Construction, Large Development Utilities etc. We have a residential division that handles ranch roads and large residential excavation but our market is really commercial work.
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    We have a mix of both up here and you will hit rock sand and topsoil all within 10' of each other, closer to Fort Worth its just black goop! Makes work fun!
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    Makes it interesting anyway! At my place there's a ten to twelve foot layer of black clay before the gravel / shale rock starts showing. Not a rock in sight above it either. Less than a mile down the road the shale is popping out of the ground. Head East just a tad and its sandy soil complete with sand burrs.

    Looking forward to more pics.
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    I just got in from digging a grave for a dog who's not doing well... it's my mom's Yellow Dog. :( It took me an hour and a half to scrape through the rock to get the grave placed where she wants it. I was using a Bobcat 335 with fairly new teeth and literally gouging the limestone to break the rock down.
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    That's rough, sorry to hear about the dog, the 305.5 wont do rock well, our biggest the 349 well that sucker will break rock breakfast lunch and dinner, trying to figure this picture uploading thing, we are getting ready to start a neat project dredging a sand bar on lake Granbury, removing about 5200C.Y of soil small amount but a fun project, will post pics when I figure it out
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    Use photobucket
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    Here'e the dredging project that we will be using our off road dump and 330 or 336 on approx. 5200 C.Y of soil








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    Looks like a fun job.
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    As my operators say, its all good fun till someone gets stuck! Then its time to go muddin

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