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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by PremierSwrx, Nov 1, 2013.

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    You really need to look up Chris's youtube videos of him using mats because I have a feeling you don't much about them, your not going to build any kind of haul road out of mats for trucks. You'll need 5 or 6 mats just to walk an excavator out and make sure you have a decent hoe operator that knows what he's doing and doesn't slide off. We've done like AEL is speaking off and had to throw the material a couple times to get it to a place to load out. The more you throw the material and stir it up and worst the water will come up and become a real headache, but sometimes you have to. I'd still like to know what kind of conditions are under the 3' of mud. I know you have water in part of the lake, but you might have to pump it around or clean half and let the water drain over. Might over dig half that you can access easy and them fill it with the mud from the other side. There's all kinds of ways. Long reach will help also, but dipping with a little bucket feels like it takes forever, butt anything will be better than a little mini, I can't even imagine tackling something like this with a mini. Keep in mind 30' mats suction cup down in the mud will are be hard to pull out, most of our mats are 20 footers.
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    Take some time and read this throught the whole thing! At least your have some more ideas.The one with the video witht he excavator for and anchor and cable with bucket and jig pole setup might would for what your wanting to do.Page 3 i think.

    As far as mats like PS said using just plane logs throw up a flag to me.Why spend a lot of money on high price mat make some out of native lumber.(cheap).

    If you decide mat system then dont' send out your 330 first off.If your going to send one to slauther send a small machine.If that work then try carefully going up the next step.Don't just bail off into it like your first try.

    Know that your just needing 3' slop changes the thought of cutting down to hard pan.

    Also take a probe (steel rod and see how deep the silt is.Might have been cleaned out before next to shore and silted back in.Or might just be a foot deep out in the middle.Just like surveying got to know numbers and what your dealing with before you can make a plan.
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    I've watched a lot of Dirtmans Vids, question is whats the best way to make a 30' Mat and out of what?
    We have access to a linkbelt 290 long reach I think it is and plenty of 320's I was think putting that long reach out there and feeding to a 320 like was mentioned.
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    I use barn beams from a bunch of demos we did , and put them together to make various size Matts for different size machines
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    You can also check out a company called Dixie Mats.
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    Just spoke with those folks maybe a good option!
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    That's too easy, it looks like all he would need is a 100hp tractor and maybe a boat to pull it back out.
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    Also search equipment mat rentals. There are a few manufacturer/rental companies located around the Houston / Beaumont area.
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    $50k to move 1750 yards? That's a pretty serious budget, pretty sure I could travel and do the job for that much!
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