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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by TrashBagPopper, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. TrashBagPopper

    TrashBagPopper LawnSite Member
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    With the patented Trash Bag Popper -

    - Simplify opening and filling of Lawn / Plastic / Paper / Biodegradable Bags
    - You no longer need a person to hold open that collapsible bag when filling
    - Use again, over and over....for Recycling Plastics/Cans, Construction related Work, Camping, Tail Gate Parties etc.
    - Trash Bag Popper simplifies and turns the collapsible container (bag) into an instant Trash Can shape.
    - It's much easier sliding a 3lb. Trash Bag Popper out of a 50lb filled bag vs. lifting a 50lb filled bag out of a Trash Can
    - Trash Bag Popper is durable, rugged and made in the USA with recycled plastic :usflag:
    - Don't be fooled by cheaper imitation knock-offs, Trash Bag Popper is patented and proven.
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  2. 2brothersyardcare

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    im going 2 buy 1 if there good ill buy 4
  3. cc7777

    cc7777 LawnSite Member
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    I bought 2 of these and use them for debris cleanup, we don't have much of a yard here in California, so we use them mostly for backyard parties and recycling cans and plastics.
    and they really work great!
  4. White Gardens

    White Gardens LawnSite Fanatic
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    Wow, what a waste of time for a professional.

    Here's my problem with a product like that.

    1.) Will puncture easy.
    2.) Minimal Volume.
    3.) Nice way to use more plastic.
    4.) 90% of municipalities require waste to be placed in Paper waste bags.

    That would be a better product to make. A stand that holds up the paper bags properly.

    I can use a large tarp and drag 5-10 times as much material in one trip around the yard. Then All I have to do is dump it at the curb or lift it into my trailer.

    That would be another good product too. A tarp that is reinforced (better than your standard ones) and and can take better abuse.
  5. cc7777

    cc7777 LawnSite Member
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    Dear White Gardens,
    I truly respect your opinion, but I think there's a good product for everyone, and for me and a lot of people this trash bag popper worked just fine.
    It is not a waste of time for a professional,....I was at a Swap Meet and saw these displayed and thought what a clever idea, I think I'll try it...and it works, easy to use, it doesn't puncture easy, and minimal volume depends on the use of course and your needs, I would suggest you to try it before you give your opinion, and if it doesn't cover your needs then it is not a product for you, but works fine for others
    . *trucewhiteflag*
  6. White Gardens

    White Gardens LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,776

    Ya know, there is a homeowner section. And there is also a sponsor section.

    First off I want to say is that I appreciate any an all sponsors who are on this site who help keep this site running. I have nothing but respect for what they do and what they believe in. I don't go running into the sponsor forum and start bashing them.

    To post something on a forum is going to get the opinions of the members of said forum. You take that calculated risk. This forum especially is a hard nut to crack in terms of selling products.

    All I see is a piece of poly, cut to size, and rolled up. I don't see anything special for the price.

    What I also see is a product or container that has no bottom to it. Even if I was piddling in my own yard, I know I would blow a hole in the bag right away. I just see a logical flaw in the idea. Now if it came with a little cart or dolly, then I see something useful.

    Can the product be effective for some people ?? Maybe, but I just don't see it. I've been burned so many times by products and ringing endorsements, when all it did was collect dust or fall apart.
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  7. TrashBagPopper

    TrashBagPopper LawnSite Member
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    Hello White Gardner,

    Thank you for your candid initial concerns and perception. This certainly gives us the opportunity to shed light on the strengths and benefits of The Trash Bag Popper.

    We are 1 week into being a sponsor of this site and learning more ways we can add value to the members and site every day. The Trash Bag Popper will absolutely save individuals and professional landscapers time and $'s if you have to collect grass, leaves etc... in a paper or plastic bag.

    If you have ever tried The Trash Bag Popper, you will find all your concerns to be null and void. This product actually overcomes ALL the challenges and concerns you mention...

    Waste of time...
    It actually SAVES TIMEbecause it keeps the bag open for you instead of you wasting time trying to keep it open while filling or having someone else hold it open for you. It truly turns a 2 man job into 1.

    Puncture easily...
    The Trash Bag Popper ACTS AS A LINER INSIDE the bag so it significantly reduces the chances of puncturing the bag over all other options that keep bags open. You can put more sharp objects in the bag using the TBP than without the TBP. This is due to the consistent force placed on the bag when pulling the TBP out.

    Minimal Volume, more plastic...
    The Trash Bag Popper allows you to MAXIMIZE THE CAPACITY of the bag. You will actually find you are able to over fill the bag and need to trim off the top once you press down with your feet to compact the debris. more capacity per bag allows you to use fewer bags.

    Municipalities require paper...
    The Trash Bag Popper KEEPS PAPER BAGS OPEN AS WELL. In many cases through the US, we have found city codes that prevent either "dumping on the curb" or even allowing pickup of plastic bags.

    Another challenge overcome is...

    No tearing of bag due to suction like when you pull a full bag out of a trashcan.

    The Trash Bag Popper overcomes all of your concerns as well as most of the challenges of using a trash can or any other product on the market today that keep s the collapsible container open. This thing REALLY works!

    The Prez.
    The Trash Bag Popper

  8. Jay Ray

    Jay Ray LawnSite Fanatic
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    There are areas here with lots of leaves, nothing like the Northeast where they are awash with leaves and they come in and out with the tidal gravitation of the moon, but here there is no municipal leaf pickup with city loaders. You can't just get the leaves to the curb and be done with it.

    My first choice is dump in the woods if that is an option, and that is an option that I use much of the time now. I look for it when estimating a lawn well populated by trees.

    Some municipalites will pick leaves up at the curb if they are bagged and anything that makes bagging easier is a plus.

    I try to avoid taking leaves with me if at all possible. This bag popper is probably quite useful for some LCO's in some areas of the country. Simple and low tech, no moving parts, but useful.

    Investing in a loader and dump trailer probably will not benefit me much economically here.
  9. White Gardens

    White Gardens LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,776

    Thanks you for the response. Very professional and informative.

    The only question that I want answered is what do you do about the bottom of the bag. The Popper takes care of the sides from tearing, but what about the bottom.

    That is the only real flaw that I see. One large stick shoved into the bag and you have a tear. Or, said stick is wedged into the bag/popper, and as soon as you go to move it, said stick pokes through the bottom ??

    Have you guys had any issues with that during testing ???

    Just curious, like I said before, your product has a place. I've seen and used products that have had one or two flaws that just make it worthless. Unfortunately, that has raised my skepticism on just about everything new on the market.
  10. 2brothersyardcare

    2brothersyardcare LawnSite Silver Member
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    free samples or half price for lawnsite users?

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