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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Thirdpete, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Thirdpete

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    Heres the deal...

    A customer is having a wedding in July. He had a hard time dealing with the drought last year... has a roughly 14k lawn (about 11 in the back) and no automatic irrigation. I would like to apply Pre M to prevent crabgrass but would also like to aerorate (sp?) and apply seed so as to thicken up his lawn. How would applying the Pre M affect topseeding, if at all? Also, is this the recommended course of action?
  2. Green-Pro

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    I wouldn't pre-em if you want to seed. The pre-em will keep the seed from germinating.
    I'm guessing the wedding is on the property? Perfect opportunity to upsell a post-emergence application like Drive.
    Aerate, or better slit seed and starter fert this round. Once you have a healthy stand apply a post-em. JMO
  3. sheshovel

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    Pre-em means keeps seeds from emerging..example grass seed from emerging.So no you do not want to apply a pre-emergent then seed NO
  4. lilmarvin4064

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    You could use Drive 75 as a pre-emergent and seed at the same time (only with fescue + rye, not bluegrass), or Tupersan. These chems are meant for the professionals. Unfortunately you have to spray them, unless you can find Tupersan in a granular spreadable form (sometimes mixed with starter fert).
  5. cwlawley

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    If you are preparing for a wedding this July that yard isn't going to be fully grown. Sod?
  6. PSUturf

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    Drive is not a pre-emergent. Definitely use Tupersan (also called Siduron). It stops crabgrass germination but not turfgrass germination. Apply when forsythia is blooming or use growing degree days for timing of application. There should be no problem having a thick healthy lawn by July. If you use a seed mix with more than 25% perennial rye you will end up with almost 100% perennial rye so just use a perennial rye blend. Stress the watering issue with the customer. One possibility is to rent a temporary irrigation system like they use for newly seeded lawns. Or offer to set him (or her) with some sprinklers and a programmable timer (about $35 at Home Depot). You will probably need 2 timers for 11000 sq ft.
  7. Thirdpete

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    thanks for all the options.

    one thing i noticed that worked at the school i attend is using a sod cutter to remove the problem areas and laying sod over the dirt. THey did this in advance of a leading LaSallian Brother (it's a catholic college) coming to campus.

    Would that work?
  8. PSUturf

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    It would work if the sod looks the same as the grass you are putting it next to. Most sod is 100% Kentucky bluegrass. If the lawn is mostly fescue or rye there will be a noticeable difference. I would try to give it 4-6 weeks to get rooted in, before the wedding, so that it can withstand all the traffic.

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