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    alright..i have been reading on here for the past couple weeks or so and have received some really good information. i added decorating 2 years ago and just kept it small since we are extremely busy with fall cleanup during the same time. however this year im looking to invest and take this bigger. already have uniforms in strictly for this service, yard signs are being designed right now, trucks are lettered up as they have been for landscaping. now im just working on mail outs and mainly letters to customers and a bid packet. so my question is this: what do you all make sure you have included in your packet/presentation folder? reference sheet/qualifications (including our insurance coverage, personnel/equipment, organizations, location, current clients, and years in business), 2 proposals/contract (one for their records), and why they should choose us over competition..will probably be putting these in a clear presentation folder since i have looked in to getting folders made and they are just not worth the money IMO. what are your thoughts?? Thanks
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    we use the presentation folders from we had our graphics company use a half dozen photo's of our work with our logo and used a black border around everything. I use the one that has two pockets inside with slots for business cards. full color, they were around a buck each but you had to buy 1000. but that represents a 4-5 year supply for all the bids we do for Christmas lights and landscape lights. so not too bad. on the left inside pocket we do a 3 tab cut flyer from gotprint as well, full color both sides that descibe our warranty, reasons to hire us vs. competition, a partial client list of commercial clients, and more photo's of our work on the back of those pages. on the right inside of packet we do a carbonless 2 copy bid/proposal that is , yes, full color pre-printed and I fill in the blanks with linear feet and wreath size, garland amount, landscape light amount, etc. and we keep the yellow copy with us.

    on Christmas bids I leave the HBL catalog with them along with the presentation folder which really lets the other spouse know we are serious about Christmas lights. It has awesome photo's in it and usually at the least makes potential customers call back to give back the catalog. I go through 100 per year, and I can absolutely tell you the catalog alone probably closes 6-8 jobs per year.

    we also try to give a free led keychain with every bid.

    I bid against 3-4 companies here, and I ask customers to pay me anywhere from 300 bucks more to 3 times the price my competition charges. While I am the largest and oldest lighting company here, I have to look like I am worth it. most of my competition does bids on a yellow legal pad. But Christmas Decor here does use a preprinted carbon form with a color folder. They wear uniforms, and thier work looks good. they are my main competition. but since they spray yards as well, they tend to run out of available trucks and manpower and we coexist pretty well.

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