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Presentation for new clients/customers


LawnSite Senior Member
Kansas City, MO
I will make this short and to the point. I am working for a friend that is going to have me do the bidding for new business for the 2008 mowing season. This also includes snow removal. I have a pretty good idea on how he does the pricing aspect of the business.

I have read alot of different posts and sources for acquiring new clients and was wondering what you thought of some of the ideas and have you used any. We are wanting to do mostly commercial and large residentals. We have Hustler 72 decks so we go after mostly apartments, parks, and basically multi-acre properties.

Some of the ideas that I have heard are as follows please if you could comment on what you think that would be great.

1.) Take a portfolio of your company with pictures, licences, certifications, and basic info for a meeting with the manager or what.

2.) Create brochures that are targeted and very specific to one type of client like churches as my boss is a christian and runs a christian business as best he can.

3.) Set up a meeting with the manager and ask questions like what are you looking for in a company. What is your determining factor for choosing. What would you like to see done to the property. Use this information to make a five year plan to improve the property and submit that with the bid.

If you do meet with the managers what questions do you ask. What retention stratagies do you use to retain current customers. Any help would be great



LawnSite Member
Sounds to me like you've done your homework and you should do really well in your biding process by the approach you're taking.

The biggest retention stategy I can offer you is make sure you "deliver" on the promises you offer to the client. Pay attention to fine details and go beyond what is expected and you'll do fine.


LawnSite Member
South Florida
Keep it simple. Don't over play being a Christian. It's a turn-off to some people/Christians IMO. The Church is interested in the bottom line like any other business. When meeting with a BOD or HOA etc. they want to see an umbrella insurance policy and what you will throw in the deal (free extra work) for the same bid. Building Managers have to believe they got the best deal possible for their Company. A five year plan would be great! But I've never known a Lawn Service to get more than a one or two year Contract.
Good Luck!