Pressure vs Volume vs Hot Water? Opinions please!

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by LKNBigFish, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. LKNBigFish

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    Thanks for all the help so far. The suggestions have been to get a quality used model rather than a mediocre new unit. I can get a pretty good deal on three Mi-T-M units. So my question is which one would you pick. all are in good shape, the hot water unit is quite a bit more and the other two are about the same price($500-$550).

    Cold Water 2500psi/4.4gpm CW-2505-4MGH

    Cold Water 3500psi/3.7gpm CW-3504-4MGH

    Hot Water 3000psi/3.5gpm HSP-3504-3MGH

    all have the same honda 13hp
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  2. JB1

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    I have a hot water one, not quite the pressure your talking, I like the hot water, does a good job.
  3. PROCUT1

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    It depends what material youre working with and whether you can use cleaners or not.

    For example

    A high pressure hot water machine can easily take the paint off of aluminum siding. For that you are better using a cleaner and a high volume/low pressure machine, as you want the cleaner to do the work and the machine as essentially a rinse.

    Higher pressure and hot water are beneficial when you use no chemicals. Ill powerwash my deck with high pressure hot water and no chemicals and it will look brand new and its 20 years old.

    Vinyl siding handles pressure and hot water well.

    It basically boils down to whether or not youre going to use chemical cleaners. If you are you are almost always better off with a volume machine.

    If youre not using chemicals you want a pressure machine, and hot water is usually better than cold.
  4. LKNBigFish

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    from NC
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    I do plan on using chemicals. this will be my only machine for a while and I am looking for the most universal unit to clean decks, driveways, and siding.
  5. CCPC

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    I would take Higher GPM over hot if price is an issue starting out unless you plan to target commercial in which case the hot water is a must. Personally, I wouldn't look at any washer under 4 GPM, and would highly suggest a minimum of 5.5 GPM. GPM = speed.
  6. LKNBigFish

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    i would love 5.5 gpm, but i have not seen anything under a grand. what does the hot water do for commercial?
  7. CCPC

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    Hot water is a necessary when cleaning most commercial concrete such as gas stations, restaurants, dumpster pads, etc. The hot water helps achieve better results with the grease, gum, animal fats, etc.
  8. precisionpower

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    You NEED at minimum a 4gpm unit to get anything accomplished. the 3.5/3000 would be your best choice if you must choose between the three you mentioned. FYI, vinyl siding should NEVER see hot water OR pressure. There is absolutely no reason to use high pressure or a hot water unit on any vinyl siding, regardless of how dirty it may be.

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