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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by ltdlawn, Apr 4, 2018.

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    Thinking of buying a pressure washer to add a service I can offer to my current customers and possible advertising for in slow months.
    I'm mainly lawn maintenance and landscape company but thought it would be a nice addition.
    With that in mind not needing 8gpm machine. As I don't want to do a buffer tank.
    Looking to do soft wash of up to 2 story homes. Pressure wash Drive way curbs patios etc. thinking 14" surface cleaner.
    Would this machine feel this need?
  2. NewEnglandSteelersFan

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    I know some outfits that do this. They make big money pressure washing driveways, especially in HOA neighborhoods that are strict. One guy I know has many customers in one particular HOA neighborhood and knows when letters go out after HOA makes their rounds of inspections. Within a week or two, he splits his crews up from 100% cutting grass to 50-50% split to pressure wash driveways for a few weeks. Trailer filled with pressure washers instead of mowers.
  3. Dawson

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    That's pretty much exactly what I do. I put a card in the bill towards the beginning of every winter to remind my customers that I pressure wash the driveway and sidewalks if they need it. Don't get a whole lot of takers but I do get enough to make it worth having to set up to do it, like you said it brings in some extra money in the slow season. A 4 gallon per minute pressure washer will drive an 18 inch Surface Cleaner just fine and I would suggest going with the bigger the Surface Cleaner as the quicker you get those jobs done the more profitable they will be, yes it will be a little more cost up front but you'll make it back pretty quick. I use a 18 inch Whirlaway and I was using a 4 GPM Simpson direct drive but recently came up on a good deal from for a trailer with a pressure washing setup on it, buffer tank, belt drive 4gpm pressure washer and surface cleaner, hose reels, so I picked that up. hose reels are a real time saver and the buffer tank is nice too
  4. Todd73

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    I’m going to be doing this as well. One more offering that will separate me from the mow and go only guys.
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  5. Adeas Printing

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    As a consumer I do love being able to reach out to one person I can trust to handle multiple things for my home, so any time you can add a quality service I think its a great idea. If you need any help updating any of your graphics noting this service is available - like on business cards, flyers or even just a facebook graphic just let me know - would love to help - thanks! --- Robin

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