Pressure Washer Recommendation


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A 4gpm machine with that Honda GX390 and 100' of pressure hose, a decent surface cleaner (Whisper Wash) and some basic knowledge and you can make $130-$180 an hour. For sizing a surface cleaner, don't buy the biggest one you can find. The rule of thumb is 4" for every gallon per minute. A 4gpm machine, you should use a 16" surface cleaner.
Charge by the job, not the hour.


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I bought northerns 4/4 for 699.00 on sale, 899 regular. Thing is great, we soft wash, driveways, decks..... Just learn to use it and what tips you need for what job. We also have a 18" surface cleaner, works great.

Michael - Toronto

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I bought a Stihl RB 800 (their most powerful commercial model) and I am very happy with it.

It has the ability to put out enormous pressure - 4,200 PSI at 4 US GPM - but it comes with a pressure regulator to let you dial that pressure down. I normally run it at a reduced pressure, but occasionally I need full pressure for a particular problem such as paint on concrete, and it's great to have that higher pressure available.

I also suggest you buy a ripper nozzle (sometimes also called a rotating nozzle) - you won't need it all the time, but it is a huge time-saver when you do need it. Don't ever drop that rotating nozzle - they have a ceramic ball inside, if you drop it on a hard surface, the ball can shatter, and then the nozzle is junk. Treat it gently when it is off the wand.

I don't recommend Stihl's rotating surface washer - the one that @gchidest recommended in post #8 of this discussion would be a much better choice. Just be sure it is rated to handle the output pressure of the RB 800.



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Going from a residential size Lowes bought 3gpm/ 6hp honda to the 4gpm was huge.
We all know the value of the local servicing dealer for our mowers-same can be said for the local power washer equipment dealer. If you have trouble with it-they'll service it. If you buy your machine from a box store-good luck.