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  1. Here is what I use to provide Pressure Washing services to Lexington Kentucky, Louisville Kentucky, Florence Kentucky, Cincinnati Ohio, and Nashville Tennessee. We do pressure washing, house washing, roof cleaning, commercial cleaning.
    05 Chevy duramax crew 4*4
    16 ft. trailer
    SCU hydrotek 8.7 gal 3500
    Pressure pro 4 gal. belt
    4 Titan Reels 200-300 on working hoses 200 on supply
    Roller pump bandit (Roof cleaning pump)
    28" hydrotek surface cleaner
    21" Landa surface cleaner
    525 buffer tank
    2 55 mix tanks
    Mounted vise
    home made ladder rack
    ladders 32 and 24
    Wrap done by Cheap..!!!!





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    Wrap looks good Lou. You been busy? We need to hook up for lunch.
  3. Certified PA Roof Cleaner

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    Nice rig Lou! I love the wrap. It is really eye catching

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    That Wrap is Nuts
  5. Propowerwash

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    Pressure Washing Kentucky

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