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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by ATVracer, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. ATVracer

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    I got an email today for someone wanting their house pressure washed. I went out and measured the home which came out to 339 linear feet, single story. The home is wood-sided that is painted blue. What kind of chemical if any should I use? I normally do not use the chemical injector on vinyl sided homes. The house only had the typical grime such as cobwebs and dirt. I know the normal rate is around $1 per linear foot, but I am solo and that to me is way too high. I am going to quote around $215 total. Basically just want to know if I should use any chemical. The PW site didn't answer my question. Thanks and free bumps appreciated.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    $215 to PW a house, Hate that for Ya,

    WOOD!!!-- be very careful, is he planing to paint after you are done, are you striping off old paint. Very easy to etch the wood. and all loose paint will come off.
  3. Brendan Smith

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    i wouldn't take the risk for less than $500 unless, like pm said, he is planning to paint. i still wouldn't go less than $375 in any case.
    personally, i'd just use plain water.
  4. firecapt13

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    How many sf is the house. Most single story houses that I do I do for no more than 150.00. You dont need to worry about messing up the paint if you do it right. PRESSURE DOES NOT CLEAN, CHEMICALS CLEAN. do a google search and look for xjet, the grime scene, the cleaner network. They are a few bulletin boards and tools to use. PW is like cutting grass, just because you buy a home depot mower dosent make you a lawn guy, it takes right equipment. Same as with PW, a home depot model dosent cut it for daily use as a pro, I have over 12,000 invested in tools to PW with including trailer
  5. khouse

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    if your just giving it a quick rinse to get the surface grime off then you really should get at least 400
    if they want you to wass all the loose paint off then 700 plus
    339 lf is a lot of house.
    be carefull of breaking the windows or tearing up the screens
    don't under sell your work. just think about the hour it takes to load your washer and garden hoses and get to the job. do the job. then clean up and drive home. seems like when you under price a job that's the one where your power washer blows up and you spend 500 on a new one all for a 215 dollar job.

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    Small single storys here start at $200 bucks,be careful with wood if you don't know what you are doing pass it's a tough one wood siding you will strip the paint no matter how careful you are.
  7. muddstopper

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    I used to have to pressure wash the campcars on the railroad every year. These cars where really just semi trailers that where converted to house people. One thing I found that worked really well was PineSol cleaner. It didnt streak like the purple cleaners or clorine cleaners and it left a sort of shine to the surface. It dont remove the molds verywell but for just dirt and grime it did fine. Does suds up somewhat.
  8. ooo

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    Washing the wood Id use Jomax, its mixed with bleach and available at Home Depot etc..
  9. GreenN'Clean

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    Id stay away from the wood houses to many things can go wrong
  10. ooo

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    That might be the best advice for you

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