Pressure Washing questions

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by ATVracer, Sep 18, 2006.


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    Residential pressure washing has so many liability issues,damage free is hard i have messed up a couple of times but watch what you are doing.

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    Chemically clean and rinse with low pressure is the best way to go on painted wood. If is is being prepped for re-paint then I'd go with TSP and Bleach. If not being repainted, then no TSP. Use a good all pupose soap that is engineered to blend with the bleach. House washes typiacally should never need high pressure. (Brick can handle a little more pressure but not too much)

    Down stream at low pressure and wait 10-15 minutes and then low/pressure rinse.

    My advice for guys that don't understand this concept of lower pressure and chemicals are better off forming a relationship with a PRO Washer in the area and feeding off eachother with referrals. I do lots of work given to me by lawncare guys and send lawncare work to them.

    As far as that price, it is low but can be profitable if doing it the way I described. I could do a home that size in less than and hour. But I would still charge more because it is worth more to the customer.

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