Pressure Washing Rig Covering Kentucky and surrounding states

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  1. Here is some pics of our pressure washing cleaning rig. I also am putting together a Residential only rig for house washing that will be truck mounted.

    05 Chevy duramax crew 4*4
    16 ft. trailer
    SCU hydrotek 8.7 gal 3500
    Pressure pro 4 gal. belt
    4 Titan Reels 200-300 on working hoses 200 on supply
    Roller pump bandit
    28" hydrotek surface cleaner
    21" Landa surface cleaner
    525 buffer tank
    2 55 mix tanks
    Mounted vise
    home made ladder rack
    ladders 32 and 24
    Wrap done by Cheap..!!!!

  2. bobcat48

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    Very nice,like the truck.
  3. collegefundms

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    How much do you have wrapped up in the trailer and all not necessarily the truck.
  4. Propowerwash

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    Thats a Very Nice Look Lou

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