Pressure Washing/Stain Fence

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by TimmayB4, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. TimmayB4

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    I have a lady who is wanting 60 ft of fence pressure washed and stained it comes to roughly 400 sq ft. She is providing stain what is a good price to charge on this.

    I came up with about $250 is that about right.

  2. Mark Bogart

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    How are you applying the stain? If you spray it on you still need to brush it in especially if it's cedar. To me the price is to low.
  3. SkyLawncare

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    Funny you bring this up, I'm putting a business plan together and the other day I was just driving through a neighborhood, kind of slow, just looking for the sake of seeing what was around.

    The thing that struck me most as I took in the aesthetics of all the homes was all the old gray fences. Fence after fence after fence. I thought wow! What an untapped source of revenue!

    I know if you just hit it with the pressure washer it looks brand new almost instantly. I want to go to a surveyor store and buy one of those wheels that clicks off the feet so I can measure things like fence lines etc. Figure you have to pressure wash the outside AND the inside, PLUS you're going to have to come back once it's dried to apply the stain.

    I think if you're not sure what to bid you're safer to charge an hourly rate, that way you know you're getting what you're worth and it just takes as long as it takes. I've never done fence, so I can't say how long it might take.

    Figure, you need a pressure washer, bringing equipment into the equation raises the cost of the job, with the price of gas now-a-days you're going to need to drive there, pressure wash the inside & outside of the fence, drive home, drive back after the fence is dry, use a sprayer/and/or/roller to apply the stain to the inside and out, then drive home. It sounds like a simple job but theres a lot to it when you take all the factors for completing the job into account.

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