Pressure washing the lawn?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by l1011100, May 15, 2006.

  1. l1011100

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    Yesturday I watched my wierd neighbor pressure wash his entire front lawn, hedges and beds around his trees. I knew this guy was out there but geeez. I think he even dug a few holes in the lawn just for the hell of it. After the thorough lawn cleaning he put some fert down and then watered it by hand. Has anyone ever seen this, I sure got a good laugh.:laugh:

  2. grassmanvt

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    I had one super finicky older woman that used to do that. It actually worked pretty good getting sand from winter off.
  3. jameson

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    Neighbors are funny :dancing: .

  4. mike lane lawn care

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    tell me about it, my neighbors had a landscape company do a full day cleanup (4 guys) and now she let the lawn grow to about 18". and her mother is worse, i worked for he for two years and i am so glad to be rid of her, she was such a pain in the ass. she would spend at least several hundred dollars a day at walmart and wouldn't pay for seeding her yard after 50 trees had been removed. i see her a lot in my neighbors yard and want so bad to yell over "how's your new slave?", maybee i will
  5. nmez21

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    My grandma always used to try stuff like that. She's a packrat (cleaned basement x amount of times)and she always is buying stuff off TV and trying new things w/ her garden and lawn. I've been mowing for her since i was 8 or so for free and have seen her do just about everything to her lawn, as I've grown older and a bit more knowledagble I've began to warn her about different things. A couple years ago she poured old beer,mentos, and toothpaste on top of cedar bark ashes and used that as fert. Shes not yet cenile but will try just about anything three times. But maybe someday after much testing, she will invent some "super-fertilizer" or something, who knows.

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