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    For the most part you are losing by being a solo and doing both. Different tools and maybe even a different trailer. Always some toll sitting idle not making money. Losing money (time) when you transfer from one set up to another. More maintenance of stuff and more cost in equipment and storage.

    A large company with crews doing different things - sure, but I believe the solo hurts himself. Why spend another 4K to set up another thing when you can just keep cutting??
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    I just came down off of the roof after pressure washing it. Really helps cut the heat buildup due to mold/mildew. It is a business like any other...know your costs so you can make a profit. When the dry season comes here there is a lack of mowing and a need to wash and paint the concrete bunkers we call home. Can't paint during the rainy season as there never seems to be sunlight. Lots of grass to mow when it rains. 1"-3" a day of growth of all sorts of vegetative cover. If you have down time from mowing then the pressure washing may fit your schedule. I have had a 3500 psi washer for over 10 years with no problems. I lengthened the wand tube to 4' so as to wash without bending over.
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    Pressure washing is easy money, anyone can do it, most customers do not have the equipment to do it themselves, etc. Why not offer pressure washing as one more thing to put cash in your pocket? Unless you are sooo busy that you dont have any extra time why not offer it. This week I will be pressure washing a deck, driveway, and gutters for 3 different people. Most customers I have found will pay top dollar for this service and it gives me somthing different to do from just mowing every week
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    I have looked into this and I don't know where your shopping or what type of power washer your shopping but I could get a 3400psi with a 11hp honda for 972 approx.

    Other misc stuff, would total to about $1500 or so for me but I am not sure if you are shooping hot water or cold water machines.
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    3500 psi? Careful you dont put holes in the patio with that. I use a 2750 psi unit, I paid around $550.00 a few years back. That machine has makes at least $3500.00 per year.
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    I have used the 3500psi unit for over 15 years with my previous model putting out 3000psi for almost 10 years until stolen. We use them to clean off the heavy equipment and to prepare concrete rooftops for elastomeric roof coating and concrete walls for painting.
    It is best not to use the 0 dgreee nozzle as it definitely can put a hole in most anything. My son uses the 40 degree nozzle most of the time to do roof cleaning at .10 a square foot. He pulls in $400+ most mornings when I can get him to work.

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