Pretty good day....(rained out and all)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tamadrummer, Jul 17, 2008.

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    I have a customer that basically just cemented my mowing with them forever....

    They are buying their son a car and needed room in the garage for his car so today I inherited a brand new:

    Used 4 times: 22" Toro Recycler Techumseh 6.5hp
    Used 4 times: Echo GT-200R

    Never used never even had a drop of mix or bar oil in it: 20" Poulan Pro 46cc Chainsaw.

    Now I know all this stuff is homeowner line stuff but I needed a 21/22" walkbehind and the Toro Recycler is a pretty good machine.

    The line trimmer is garbage but I guess in an emergency it will do, I think I will take it to my local dealer and see if they will trade me for a new Stihl FS110 along with some cash of course.

    And the chainsaw, I had none and now I have a brandy new one. Yes it is only emissions rated for 50 hours and will be lucky to get that but it will only get 93 octane fuel and stihl ultra 2 cycle.

    They also have a wheel barrow for me and a ton of flower pots and a ton of other stuff that I cannot remember right now but the big things are listed here.
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    Free stuff is always good!
  4. S L C

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    If I was that despartate and proud of that, I would get the hell out the biz now, you are better off doing whatever you do.....??? :hammerhead::cool2:
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    It was free, so I'm sure you would take it too:nono: That doesn't mean he was desperate.:hammerhead:

    He may be like me and only need a push mower for 1 yard. I have a Toro mower identical to the one he described and it cuts great. If I had to use it on 30 accounts, then I would buy a commercial...but why would you spend $800 on a mower you use twice a month?
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    The only free stuff I ever get are wheelbarrows... haha

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