Pretty sure I landed a nice landscape job!

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    Were sodding 1334sq feet. Were planting decent trees (lilac's i think but cant remember the name 100%.....they're what were looking for thou) Were going to also freshen up the current beds with decorative stone and new mulch.....and trim up the bushes and such. Were also going to fertilizes the existing lawn with turf builder w weed control. Quote will be $2050. Hows this sod contract look (this is my first sod job)

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    Sod Contract/ Watering instructions w/o irrigation system

    This contract hereby states that your sod is not guaranteed by P&C Landscaping, due to the fact that your home lacks an irrigation system. In the event a specific area (10sq feet of less) dies, P&C Landscaping will replace it, free of charge. The following of our watering instructions is imperative to your sods survival. After your sod has been laid you must water the sod everyday for at least 2 weeks. If the temperature is hotter than usual, water twice per day. You want to keep the sod wet at all times. P&C Landscaping will periodically check the condition of your sod, and notify you of any changes in instruction. Once your sod has developed a strong rooting system, normal watering procedures can be followed.
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    The statement you provided with your sod contract is fine, there is an area where it states "10 sq. feet" or less, you typed in 10 sq feet of less, you should change that and make sure that all the spelling and terms are correct.
    I would also make a watering instruction sheet for them and provide it to them for the care of their sod, be sure to let them know that the edges of the sod may shrink and brown slightly during the rooting process, this will alleviate a lot of problems down the road.

    When installing sod, we over seed the prepared soil and put down a fertilizer prior to laying down the sod, trust me it helps. Food for thought.
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    what do you mean overseed
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    We place a quality Kentucky Blue Grass seed in a broadcast spreader and apply to the surface as you would the fertilizer, this will eventually grow through and help support your sod installation while providing a quality value add for your customer.

    The application rate is minimal at best, but don't use cheap seed, it will overtake the sod with unwanted grass.

    Hope that helps.

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