Prevailing Wages for Workers

Discussion in 'Employment' started by JCP Crafts, Jul 20, 2006.

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    Some of the posts on here that I read prompted me into doing a bit of web searching and this is the most current info that I could locate.Keep in mind that this info is from 2003.
    One of the posts that I read was by Marcus Drake and that h2b employees must be paid the prevailing wage and not the minimumn wage or less than minimumn.
    So is this the case that prevailing wage is set at a statistic table that is more than 2 1/2 years old ?
    Her is the link for what I am talking about
    As you can see there are 4 levels of determination on what the goverment believes someone should start a job at depending on your expierence.
    I was wondering how many companies here meet this guide line or above while hiring new recruits?
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    Darn......I just went back and relized that this might not even be accurate either as it is also pertaining to the Virgin Islands,which is part of the USA but I will have to read further and try and discover it also pertains to all of the USA or not......I will report back here after I have read more.....
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    OK,still have not found exactly what i am lloking for but these links her are to the Department of Labor website;listed as occupation number 37-3011.
    Theses are not the prevailing wages but instead the median wages in this field.
    I believe the report will show alot with why there is a lot of discussion with what someone needs in certain parts of the country to cover their "man hour" minimum.
    I personaly was suprised as to some of the higher paying areas through out the country.Now keep in mind this report is from May 2005 so these links here are more current that my original post
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    Not sure those studies mean much, you got to pay what your competition is paying in the area or the workers move.

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