preventing and treating moss in large areas

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by fga, Apr 12, 2005.

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    i have 2 acounts side by side. they lawns have moss in certain areas, in large quantites, not just a quick scratch and seed. in these pics, the moss is more towards the house, near the planting beds. they get alot of shade during the season from the trees overhead, and they have sprinkler systems. i just surprised at th amount of moss cuz there alot of service roots from the trees. usaully i have a hard time keeping the grass watered under trees in these situations, but here, it seems to be getting too much. is there a remdy for this without have to rip up the lawn? the grass is thick, mixed with moss. is there a moss killer herbicide, i thought i saw one.
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    reduce the irrigation rates, prune some of the limbs off the trees.

    Moss has been the worst i've seen in a while due to two years of lower than normal temps with more rain than normal (in the NE anyways)
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    Moss likes shade, moisture and poor soil, remove two of these three and the moss is gone. A little iron will keep the moss in check but if you dont fix the problems the moss will come back

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