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  1. Alan

    Alan Member
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    How many of you go to the extent of dismantling a plow and related framework to inspect welds and such as part of your pre-season routine?

    I have one of our plows apart right now, origianlly so i could sandblast and paint the moldboard and mount a urethane edge. While I was at it I checked all the spots that I have found to be potential problems in the past. Good thing I did, this particular plow has four years on it and is just beginning to develop small cracks at some of the welds. I wasn't so lucky on the last one that had problems, we found those cracks when the pivot came apart during a storm.
  2. John DiMartino

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    Alan,I check mine every season,and give them a quick go over after evry stoem while Im rinsing them off.I havent had a single problem with my 3 Fisher Minute mounts to speak of.This is the one benefit of a heavy plow,when i used to run meyers,they broke at the pivot all the time,and the blade,and springs were always being torn up.
  3. GeoffDiamond

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    I am big on a pre season check, that covers everything. From battery cables, to welds, to paint. My pre storm check includes, oil check, hose check, controll check, post storm all of them same, but was truck and plow, and check frame, and blade for damage.

  4. diggerman

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    Preseason checks are a must,especially if you drive the trucks year round.I found that one of my Boss fixed mounts was very loose after the truck has been driven all summer.It might not have lasted a whole snow.We check all the bolts,springs,edges,pins,fluids,and much,much more.

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