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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Joe T., Jun 30, 2011.

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    There was a question on a previous thread I posted regarding the 'recommended' service intervals for the Bad Boy ZT60 with the 27 hp Kohler engine.

    As I stated before, the owner of the dealership where we bought the BB said the first oil change should occur between 8 and 10 hours. His son, who delivered the mower, said the first oil change should occur by 5 hours. I don't remember when they said to do the first hydraulic oil and filter change.

    The question from the readers of the thread was: "What does the owner's manual say?"

    OK, there are two owners manuals for the engine, and one manual for the mower (hydraulic system).

    Kohler Courage Pro engine manual:

    Annually or Every 100 Hours: Change oil and filter. (More frequently under severe conditions.)

    Bad Boy ZT Model Owner's and Service Manual:

    Oil Change: Within FIRST five hours of usage, change engine oil and filter

    EVERY 50 HOURS OF USAGE: Change engine oil and filters

    EVERY 250 HOURS OF USAGE: Change Hydraulic Fluid and Filters

    Humm, Bad Boy is a lot more conservative on their maintenance requirements. For us, every 50 hours will not be a problem.

    Joe T.
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    I change my oil at the start of every season or close to it! Probably 2/3 cuts into the season. So therefore I change it approx 40-50 hours! I also change the spark plug, air filter and fuel filter at the same time and I am done for the season! The first 5 hours oil change I would think is pretty common in most machines.

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