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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pennyan, May 16, 2007.

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    1.25 acre 5 year old house,grass very green & thick,wide open
    little trim 6 mulched trees.I priced it at 50.00 thinking 45 minutes.
    First week goes good cut at 3.75 high no clumping with minimal showing
    on top,New toro ztr 25 hp 60 deck high lift blades,come back in a week
    grass 7 to 10 high thick as h---,cut at 4.00 3 times passable,week 3
    grass 8 high cut early morning semi wet bad discussion come back the
    next day mid day cut 2 times at 3.75 all cleaned up.I ask the wife are
    you using the sprinklers she clams no & also cant believe how fast
    the growth is.Week 4 decided to cut every 4 days no problem,the wife
    comes out to Say how good it looks & mentions it must to the SCOTTS
    fertilizer we had put down.BINGO time for reevaluation of price.At 45.00
    I'm not cutting twice a week.What are your suggestion.I'm thinking 300.00
    per month 2 cuts per week 45 minutes per cut.

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