Price check 2005, Chevy 2500HD Lt 4X4

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by FERT-TEK, Nov 22, 2004.


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    :help: Kinda had the deal of the century fall into my lap..... I think. Could you guys put me at ease on the price if you are in the know. If you have a similarly equipped vehicle and are willing to share your purchase price it would be greatly appreciated. I have to act fast on this and wont have enough lead time to research real accurate pricing on my own. Please help :help: Anyway driving past a local Chevy dealer I saw a bunch of salesman going over a new vehicle on their used car lot. It was a 2005 Chevy 2500 HD LT.crew cab 4X4 short bed, loaded, color matched fiberglass toneau top CD changer, sirrius radio, leather etc. I called the salesman he said they just took it on trade after a guy bought it a couple of months ago as a work truck and it didn't work out as he thought so he traded it in on a panel van. Why I don't know and dont care. It is his loss. So I ask the salesman most of the typical questions you would ask, turns out the thing only has 700 miles on it and they are only asking 37000 for it..... oh almost forgot the warranty will transfer and, this is the best part it has the DURAMAX DIESEL in it. The only problem is the owner of the dealership has first dibbs on it and is holding it for a family friend that might be interested :realmad: . They took a returnable 500 dollar deposit from me to hold it if that deal falls through. So actually I am second in line.

    For the guys that own one of these what did you pay for yours 2004 pricing would also do, $37,000 seems low.I have a baby on the way and wasn't planning on spending any big bucks until the baby was born. But this seems too good to be true.
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    It's $48k new. That is a good deal. I am looking at getting a GMC SLT 2500hd with the duramax. Keep us posted!
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    Somebody's got to buy the new vehicles, but when you do the math, it's just not worth it. Vehicles average 50% depreciation over 3 years, and you can find some old guy who hardly drove his truck that's still like new after three years and get a sweet truck for $18k.

    Of course you can depreciate the truck on your taxes, but you don't actually recoupe the loss, you just pay less taxes.

    Your choice, but I'd say spend the money on a little older truck, and stick the other $18k in a mutual fund for your baby's college. (At average m.f. interest rates he/she will end up with $138,000 to go to school with if you never added another dime.)
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    Go to and you can build and price the exact truck you want. I'll bet you can cut out a few bells and whisltles that you don't want and get a new truck for less.

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    I have done that already but that only gives the MSRP not the real purchase price. I am looking for the negotiated price if anyone wants to share it with me.
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    Its a short bed truck. I dont know if you really want that if you carry alot in your truck. Also it is leather. Leather doesnt sound like a work truck. If those things dont bother you and you have enough for your kid go ahead, but check your personel financies first.
  7. lazer 46

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    Go to and price the truck. They will give you the MSRP, Invoice price and the price that people are paying for that truck. Keep in mind that there is now a $2000 rebate on 05 Chevy's.
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    be prepared for expensive injector replacements . injection runs on 36 volt and something like 3000psi on injectors to keep them quiet. gm doesn't like to warranty all at same time so local gm dealer replaces one injector per month. Out of the big three gm has least favorable deisel engine, but exceedes everywhere else. do a search on duramax and see.

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    Keep those posts coming. Naturally I wouldn't even consider it if I couldn't afford it.
  10. FERT-TEK

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    Hold your posts guys, the dealer called and said they sold it today to the friend of the dealer. That is just my kind of luck though. Thanks for the advise though.

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