Price Check - Aisle 3 - 2007 ASV SR80

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by vvanherk, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Ausman

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    I agree Talus Hate is bred fro Jelousy, most other manufacturers would kill to have the ride and durability of the ASV drive system. It would be a dark day if i ever bought a skid steer with an excavato track system on it. You can address your lift problem at your dealer with a pressure adjustment on your aux system.
  2. J. Peterson Grading

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    I had that problem with the filter seal on my PT80. But other than that, its the only thing thats ever gone wrong with it. It has happened 2 times.

    I had many fuel system related issues with my RC50, and when my PT60 started do have simular trouble, we knew what to do as soon as the issues came up.

    I had my entire wiring system go bad in my PT60, and it kept over heating due to bad alignment of the cooling fan.

    I have had some minor belt issues with all my ASV units, but when you check the oil, you tighten them up.

    We do break the bucket pin keepers frome time to time. I have learned to stock a few extras as a precaution .

    I have never had track problems other than my 80's track tensioner keeps getting loose. So we have to watch it. My RC50 had something like 1200Hrs on it when we traded it, and I never once had to touch the tracks. 60 has almost 400 on it, and same deal with it.

    I have never had trouble pushing anything with my 80 unless the tracks get real wet, greasy mud on them, and then they tend to spin out a bit more. But I have never had trouble with the drive sprocket getting plugged up either. But when those are the conditions of that day, we don't work. Same thing if we have to mud bog. A track machine gives to many people a false sense of security. If its to wet to work, then you shouldn't

    I guess what I am saying is.

    Every machine has a problem, even mine. But, I don't sit here and bicth about it. I fix them and move on. Another thing is that, I have tried other brands of machines. My operators and myself, just can't see whay we should run anything other that ASV machines. For what we do, they are simply the best fit.

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  3. vvanherk

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    Hey Ausman.

    How do you find the pushing power of the PT60? What application do you use them for?
  4. TMlawncare

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    You must be a little out of touch on what things cost. 10k, you can't even buy an old ASV rc30 for that.
  5. juststartin

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    I guess it all depends on the undercarriage. Have you priced out what it costs to replace an undercarriage?

    And yeah my buddy bought an older asv rc30 with a trencher and bucket for $4000 the other day. The rc30s that sell for 10k are newer and have very low hours.

    I have another buddy that bought a rc100 with 1300hrs for 13k. Of course it needed new bogies to a tune of 4k.

    Point is if you are paying 30k for an asv with 1100hrs in this economy... you have lost your damn marbles.
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  6. PTSolutions

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    bought replacement tracks for our 100 for 1650 a piece, so i dont know where you guys are getting the "new tracks rape me" mentality.

  7. juststartin

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    I wonder if those will last as long as oem. Even with aftermarket tracks. There is an incedible amount of wear parts in an asv undercarriage. One of my friends has 287c, his tracks have 3 lugs rows on each track. It cost $1200 just to replace the sleeves on the squirrel cage. These almost always need changing at the same time as the tracks.
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  8. Digdeep

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    Typical CAT dealer. He's getting screwed on the sprocket sleeves. There is anothert hread on this forum with a link to parts sales and you can buy all 72 of the sleeves for just over $700 and you don't need to replace inners until you've replaced outers at least twice. I rotated mine.
  9. juststartin

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    The cat dealer and bair wanted 7.50 each for them. I thought I could save him money by buying from bair, but they were priced the same. The inner sleeves have no wear after 1200 hrs?

    On his 287c, he has 4 rows of bogie wheels. Can you imagine replacing all of them?
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