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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by desert rose gardening, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. desert rose gardening

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    I found a web site that you can type in a customers address and get a estimate on how much their house is worth. Maybe there is outher sites out there like this but i'v never seen one. It was interesting looking up my customers houses and seeing how much there worth, I think I might have to do a little adjusting to there prices! All my new customer will get prices after I look up there house on zillow. I thought it is unethical to do this, but gezz you have to sign or life away and give your SSN to rent a movie at the local video shop!
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    zillow uses town/city tax and assessment values to generate the information. It is *not* accurate in all areas; particularily anything out of a subdivision or city where almost all the lots and houses are the same size.
  3. PJDiesel

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    Waste of time. In the industry, this is called an AVM (automated value model) it works okay if you are in a huge (like thousands of) cluster of town/row homes or "cookie cutter" houses in bigger suburban areas. Once you stray out into real America, (75-80% of the homes) it is just not accurate. Where I'm at, inside of a zip code, the same house can sell for $210K that sells for $950K a mile down the road. (waterfront)
    Location, Location, Location. They can be a handy tool for "MASS" Appraising, like if you are trying to average a portion of state of something, but house to house......they Stink.

    Also, beware. Some of these sites are really just referral sites for Real Estate agents. They act like they are going to give you a no-hassle value of the house, really they have paid for a lead to someone (you) who is viewed as a potential seller.

    Trust me. The only way to see any kind of accuracy is to hire a Licensed Appraiser to come out and physically inspect the home.
  4. PJDiesel

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    Hey, I gotta say. That is a pretty cool litle site.

    Only thing is, I just bought my house February 24th of this year. Paid $329,900.

    They have me estimated $119,220 HIGHER than that at $449,120.

    Our market is turning to crap here, I most likely could get more than I paid because I truly believe the house was under priced. But, I mean like 20-30K more, NOT over 100K in 4 months!! :weightlifter:

    I'd be interested to hear others opinions.
  5. MarcSmith

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    5 years ago I paid 289K for my house. now assesed at over 600K....and at 97 cents per 1000. almost 6K in prop taxes...:dizzy:
  6. topsites

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    I use Zillow as a guide, I also feel it is not 100 percent accurate but I like how it gives me the square footage of the lot so I know right away if it's 1/2 acre or whatever... But you still have to go look, half their property could be in the woods and other factors determine actual lawn size as well. As for the value, it gives you all the neighbors houses as well, either way I like it a lot because it helps me stay firm on the price when they're acting like they don't got no money while living in this 1/2 million dollar home, even if the zillow estimate is too high, it helps me.

    Unethical my butt, it helps me TONS to weed out potential problem customers, such as when they tell me their lot is 'small,' if it's not smaller than 1/4 acre when I look it up, I may not even go out to estimate, have had them tell me they had a small lot which later came out to 1 acre... It's just ridiculous with the we-want-something-for-nothing in this area, zillow helps me cut out some of the bs.

    I use reversephonedirectory as well, of course this doesn't always work either, but it is nice to reverse a phone and see if it comes up to the same address (not to mention it can be a handy-dandy to get their full name in non-payment issues), or such as when a customer forgets to leave me an address because they think they're going to feed me 'directions,' see I like it when they're not even there for the estimate anymore.

    Between those two, it's also a way to let them know: You can be found, this is a business and I'm not your dumb toy to play with.
    No method is perfect, but it helps.
  7. 29 Palms Property Management

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    That is a cool site. I bought my house in March for $263,450 and has it at $269,299. There is some info that is incorrect though. It states a 5 bedroom home, but it is a 4 bedroom. It's cool knowing that 89% of homes in this zip code have a lesser value then my home. But then again, that might not be good for the future. An interesting site though.
  8. Budget

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    I have been useing Zillow now for a year can't beat the free info and makes finding some places easy.

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