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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Blmtlandscapes, Sep 9, 2008.

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    I'm preparing and seeding an area that is 530s/f. The area used to be a small above ground pool. The area is very sandy so I want to bring in about 5 yards organic loam to cut the sand with and also fill the area in a bit since it has sunken in. My costs are a bobcat rental which is about 275 for one day and 5yards of loam at 30/yd. Also a bag of seed and starter fertilizer. The job can be done in one day. Normally I would charge my normal labor rate but I feel that this should be marked up a little bit. How much would you guys charge total for the job, Thanks.
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    I get topsoil for $18yd here and a skid rental for $200 a day. Look into a dingo rental.
    With a skid steer i could have that job completed in less than a half day. If its in the middle of the yard i would suggest a tractor for less lawn damage though. I would charge $700 for the small job. Just top coat it, there is no need to mix it into the sand.
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    Now I know it's a lot of work but this is just outrageous,
    what is this site and today's Lco's coming to, renting a mofoing
    skid steer loader for a puny 5 cu's of dirt, are you kidding me?

    275 for rental for one day LOL hell I'd do the whole job for 300!
    Wtf a little 20 x 20 area ...
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    you dont know how accessable it is genius. Could be in the back yard with no access with material to get close. So if you would spend a entire day with a wheel barrow for $300 that explains why your always on this site. :dizzy:
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    The reason for the skid steer has nothing to do with the 5 yards, it is only for the prep work before the loam gets hauled in. I have to dig out about 4 ft of sand and mix it with the loam because the pool was set in straight sand. The home owner tried to grow grass there several times but its not easy growing grass on 4ft of pure sand! I've actually moved 20yards of mulch before using a wheelbarrow by myself in one day, I obviously know that 5 yards is nothing!

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