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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by White Gardens, Jul 28, 2012.

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    Thanks Muddy.

    I probably have some self doubts about certain projects sometimes, but like you said, I stand behind my work and hope to be around a long time. I told my client that if there is any issues with the work, to let me know and I'll be there to fix it.

    This patio is probably the first actual patio I've done. I do hardscaping work, but my business is all over the place. I've done walls, 400ft of sidewalk with pavers, landscaping maintenance and installs, etc....

    So some of the self doubt in this project is from not doing this type of work on a regular basis.

    My clients appreciate the fact that we can do it all. As for a specific niche, I might have to evaluate what I do in a few years and hone in on specific areas of landscaping, but for the time being, I like being able to have a wide variety of things we can offer in order to make unique landscapes without being bound by a specific niche.

  2. wrtenterprises

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    I thought $5,300.00 was a fair price for a quality finished product. Top tier materials and skilled labor, = higher price. No offense taken with your cheap shot :usflag:
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    You need to get that size patio done in two days to make money.
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    Not a pro here. Looks great to me. Two q's: the materials cost above in addition to the 3700 (total 4800)? Also, is that a new holland type paver?

    Finally, I understand pitch is recommended to be 1" per 4'. General consensus on that figure? I mean, is that enough?


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