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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by White Gardens, Jul 20, 2013.

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    From a hardscaping rookie perspective, the time references are the best part from veteran contractors. Not that I'd be able to complete it in that time frame but to understand the time frames for project completion from contractors of similar size (not solo vs mega company). But that takes experience too. I recently completed a full new build landscape install for a friend with a round corner "wall", new beds, and plantings. I've learned this.

    - Clean up each day takes A LOT of time (like DVS said) even if you are organized.
    - I have yet to run into a job without surprises (this one was the sprinkler system lines EVERYWHERE I needed to work) which added hours to the job.
    -Getting it all level on the base course takes some time but makes the rest of the install go well.
    - Cutting caps to fit the wall takes time (took me alone 2hrs, but I was working alone)

    Just need to remember all these details when the next job comes up. That way the estimate can be better.
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    Keep production records
  3. MDLawn

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    For sure!!
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    I know pricing is a no-no on here, and pretty much isn't relative unless you're running the same size corp in the same area but would you guys be willing to share production rates to see how we stack up? Obviously you would need to break it down to per man hour or by the day and qualify it with the size of your crew, equip etc.
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    You aren't likely to get anyone to throw out solid numbers. I have been in business for 12 years and fully understand pricing and profits and bottom lines... but this year we are starting to branch out more and hardscapes is on our radar. We do lots of bed renovations, and the usual maintenance, but until now not really bit on any hardscapes. I appreciate those of you who don't try to one up the last poster, the ones who offer valuable information such as realistic times and other things to consider. I am currently working up a proposal now for roughly a 600 sq ft patio with curve. From my sod laying I can estimate my tractor work here, but as far as the pavers themselves, and all the sanding and resanding, and tamping... I am merely stabbing in the dark on what I think based on similar types of work. It helps me have more confidence in my estimates when I read useful and practical post on here. I don't really come here looking to get you to price my jobs. I come here to learn from your experiences and mistakes. I come here to make us all a better and more professional trade. Sharing information , tips, and strategies make us as a trade much more reputable. Sharing prices simply allows for lowballing.

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