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Price for 48" Exmark Hydro


LawnSite Senior Member
Cape Cod, Ma
Wow, I guess my Husky 48" fixed hydro with the 17hp kawi for $3599 was a good buy. Granted the floating decks are more $$ but $1200 more?


LawnSite Member
I looked at a tracer hp the other day at an open house. New was 4699.00 w/ 17hp kawa and the leftovers were 4499.00. The one 03 was the indoor floor model and the other was an actual demo model. I thought the 4499.00 for the outdoor demo was too high? Sounds like these are better prices than I thought....


LawnSite Member
Mound MN
If you are looking to compare prices I can help. I just bouhgt a 48 w/b hydro for $4800 that was also a left over. That was the best price to my knowledge.

Cut 2 Please

LawnSite Member
Montgomery, Al
I paid $4148 for mine w/mulch kit and weight kit back in Dec. It was an 03 demo.


LawnSite Member
Smithfield, NC
I bought my 48" Gravely Wb Hydro with 18 hours on it for $3,000. The blades were still sharp.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Atlanta, GA
It's great when you find a nearly new mower "mistake" of someone else's, isn't it? Is that gravely a prosteer? If so , how do you like it so far? (if you've had a chance to use it that is)