price for 6000 sq ft sod

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mwb1976, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. mwb1976

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    Need to settle a disagreement over the price for 6000 sq ft of new installed sod the details are 5 year old house with new additon crap soil close to 6 ton of debris remove It took 1 1/2 days to prep edge grade ect +3/4 day to lay + 1/2 day to bury wires 6 inchs down in nothing but rock I am in south eastern pa let me know what you guys would charge
  2. ajslands

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    Well you going to need a little over 8.5 pallets, so just round it to nine. Idk just for sod, .15$ pr sq foot. Maybe lower maybe higher.
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  3. fl-landscapes

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    cant buy sod for that cheap here.
  4. kevinpmoody

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    For one of my crews to do all that work it would be about 7500 to 8000 dollars worth of work
  5. phasthound

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    Do you have a contract with pricing?
    Nothing else matters.
  6. ajslands

    ajslands LawnSite Silver Member
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    That was just for labor. I figure 90$ a pallet so 910$ for sod. Which does cover sod. So 600$ profit I think...???
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  7. nepatsfan

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    .15 a square foot for labor to lay sod......You wont be in business very long.
  8. kbrashears

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    This is hard to understand.

    You did what? Wiring for what? Irrigation?
    You removed what debris?
    What machinery did you have to use?
  9. ajslands

    ajslands LawnSite Silver Member
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    ok .40$ per sq ft
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